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welcome to Indian-buzz.tk

welcome to indian-buzz.tk and get some awesome nimbuzz softwares and tipcs join our room : ENGLISH
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 Removing add flood script

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Removing add flood script Empty
PostSubject: Removing add flood script   Removing add flood script Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 6:33 pm

<presence to="10_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/><presence to="7_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/><presence to="8_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/><presence to="9_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/><presence to="2_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/><presence to="15_axeshi@nimbuzz.com" type="unsubscribed"/>

Copy that script , edit it and paste it in bombusmod xml consol enjoy *YAHOO*
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Removing add flood script
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