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 Overclocking can be done only on rooted android phones!!

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Overclocking can be done only on rooted android phones!! Empty
PostSubject: Overclocking can be done only on rooted android phones!!   Overclocking can be done only on rooted android phones!! Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 2:48 pm

After you root your phone and install busybox(can download it from google),
download CPU Boost from here. Bow Smile
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The Risks

The first issue to consider is possible hardware damage. Just like a desktop CPU, a lack of caution when overclocking can fry internal components. Exposing a component to more heat means you are shortening its life, there is no doubt about that. Those into overclocking desktop CPUs often have elaborate setups with overclocking in mind. You can't add a better heatsink, or a fan to your mobile phone.

The other big issue is battery life. If you want to push your smartphone's CPU to run more clock cycles, you have to know that extra power isn't coming from nowhere. It's coming from your battery, and that power is in short supply. Android is notorious for having less than ideal battery life, and throwing more power at the CPU is just asking for a dead phone.

The Rewards

The big reward if you go through with overclocking is, of course, increased performance. The Android operating system can be a little sluggish, and a mild overclock can give your phone that added pick me up we all enjoy.
On many phones, you'll find the Android UI is smoother, and jumping between apps is much faster. cheers
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Overclocking can be done only on rooted android phones!!
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